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Croatian Medical Journal

Redefine statistical significance for discoveries in biomedical and psychological sciences?

My PhD students

Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

Mental fitness poster

10 early signs of Alzheimer's disease poster

An interactive tool for calculating statistical power and sample size

An interactive tool for calculating effect size

An interactive tool for visualizing sex differences

Online Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, Fourth Edition, by Michael Sullivan, III.

Experimental design

Fantastic breakthrough in treating spinal muscular atrophy!

Curriculum Vitae with list of publications (životopis s popisom radova)

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PubMed bibliography

NeuRI 2015 ppt Macro-and microstructure of cognitive processing


Curiosity (from Carolina Koletic)

Interesting (neuro)science concepts

How to read and respond to a rejection letter

Any jackass can trash a manuscript (or the higher impact of the journal the worst the peer review process)


Current and recent research projects

"Tau protein hyperphosphorylation, aggregation and trans-synaptic transfer in Alzheimer's disease: cerebrospinal fluid analysis and assessment of potential neuroprotective compounds" project of the Croatian Science Foundation grant no. IP-2014-09-9730 from 12 Oct 2015 - 11 Oct 2019 / Posjetite stranice projekta Hrvatske zaklade za znanost "Hiperfosforilacija, agregacija i transsinaptički prijenos tau proteina u Alzheimerovoj bolesti: analiza likvora i ispitivanje potencijalnih neuroprotektivnih spojeva" br. IP-2014-09-9730 koji se provodi u razdoblju od 12. listopada 2015 - 11. listopada 2019. godine


"Detection and tracking of biological markers for early therapeutic intervention in sporadic Alzheimer's disease" project of the Croatian Science Foundation grant no. 09/16 from 1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2014 / Posjetite stranice projekta Hrvatske zaklade za znanost "Otkrivanje i praćenje bioloških biljega radi rane terapijske intervencije u sporadičnoj Alzheimerovoj bolesti" br. 09/16 provođenom u razdoblju od 1. siječnja 2012 - 31. prosinca 2014. godine



Some presentations / Neke prezentacije

Biological basis of emotions / Biološki temelji emocija

Primary and secondary headaches / Primarne i sekundarne glavobolje

Phosphorylation of tau proteins in development and Alzheimer's disease / Fosforilacija tau proteina u razvitku i Alzheimerovoj bolesti

CSF phosphorylated tau proteins as predictors of Alzheimer's disease in subjects with mild cognitive impairment / Prediktivna vrijednost fosforiliranih tau proteina u likvoru

pri postavljanju dijagnoze Alzheimerove bolesti u osoba s blagim kognitivnim oštećenjem

Pathogenesis of proximal autosomal recessive spinal muscular atrophy / Patogeneza proksimalne autosomno recesivne spinalne mišićne atrofije

Excerpt on spinal muscular atrophy from Hans J. ten Donkelaar's book Clinical Embryology (second editon, Springer, 2014)

Some publications / Neke publikacije

Does Alzheimer's disease begin in the brainstem? / Da li Alzheimerova bolest započinje u moždanom deblu?

Pathogenesis of proximal autosomal recessive spinal muscular atrophy / Cover page

Abnormal motoneuron migration, differentiation and axon outgrowth in spinal muscular atrophy / Abnormalna migracija, diferencijacija i izrastanje aksona motoneurona u spinalnoj mišićnoj atrofiji

Endosomal location of dopamine receptors in neuronal cell cytoplasm / Smještaj dopaminskih receptora u endosomima citoplazme živčanih stanica

Cerebrospinal fluid markers in differential diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia / Markeri iz cerebrospinalne tekućine u diferencijalnoj dijagnostici Alzheimerove bolesti i vaskularne demencije

Mitochondria morphology and DNA content upon sublethal exposure to beta-amyloid1-42 peptide / Morfologija i stanje DNA mitohondrija nakon subletalne ekspozicije peptidom beta-amiloida1-42

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and measurement of tau epitopes of autopsy-proven sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease in a patient with non-specific initial EEG, MRI and negative 14-3-3 immunoblot

Cerebrospinal fluid phosphorylated tau proteins as predictors of Alzheimer’s disease in subjects with mild cognitive impairment

List of publications / Popis publikacija

List of publications from Croatian Scientific Bibliography pages / Popis publikacija sa stranica Hrvatske znanstvene bibliografije

Publications from Central medical library repository / Publikacije sa stranica elektronskog repozitorija Središnje medicinske knjižnice u Zagrebu

Curriculum Vitae with list of publications (Životopis s popisom radova)

Google Scholar

Semantic Scholar


Some older papers and presentations / Neki stariji radovi i prezentacije

Introduction to stereology

Cerebrospinal fluid phosphorylated tau proteins as predictors of Alzheimer's disease in subjects with mild cognitive impairment

CSF tau proteins in evaluation of patients with suspected dementia

Brain asymmetries related to language with special on entorhinal cortex and basal forebrain

Nucleus subputaminalis: Neglected part of the basal nucleus of Meynert

Hemispheric asymmetry, modular variability and age-related changes in the human entorhinal cortex

Pathological tau proteins in argyrophilic grain disease

nNOS expression in reactive astrocytes correlates with increased cell death related DNA damage in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex in Alzheimer's disease

Ultrastructural analysis and TUNEL demonstrate motor neuron apoptosis in Werdnig-Hoffmann disease

Nucleus subputaminalis (Ayala): The still disregarded magnocellular component of the basal forebrain may be human specific and connected with the cortical speech area

Volume and number of neurons of the human hippocampal formation in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease

Links / Poveznice

Croatian Societies for Alzheimer's disease / Hrvatska udruga za Alzheimerovu bolest

Information / Obavijesti


Za studente neuroznanosti / For students of neurosciences

Uvod u neuroanatomija ponašanja / Introduction to neuroanatomy of behavior (in Croatian)

Uvod u neurobiologiju demencija / Introduction to neurobiology of dementia (in Croatian)

Alzheimer's disease basics / Alzheimer's disease advanced

Imaging dementia intro (courtesy of dr. Ratimir Petrović) / Imaging methods intro (courtesy of dr. Christian Vollmar, LMU)

Neuropsychology of dementia

Personality traits, research and teaching text / Figure (scatterplot)


Kako bolje učiti? / How to learn successfully? (in Croatian)

Evolucija kooperativnog ponašanja / Evolution of cooperative behavior

Mapping memory in 3D and progression of Alzheimer's disease - National geographic

Introduction to cerebral cortex and functional anatomy - part I

Optical illusions Necker cube

Orientation columns (turn the speakers on!) - a gift from prof. Hubel /// Orientation columns 2 - a gift from prof. Grinwald

Color wheel Color names

Functional neuroanatomy - part II

Learning and memory H.M, N.A., R.B.

Henry Gustav Molaison dies at 82 (on 5th Dec 2008)

Forgetting curves

Examples of the questions from the test

Left and right hemisphere (TED ideas worth spreading)

Six NDD cases - in Croatian

Six dementia cases to solve (AD, FLD, FTD, LBD, pseudodementia, VaD) - in English

Word processing (fMRI + MEG) left lateral view / left medial view / left ventral view (from Marinkovic K et al. 2004)

Anatomy 1st year

Click here to find a particular eponym

CNS Intro I (Spartanburg Technical College) CNS Intro II (dr. Heather Townsend)

CNS Intro III (prof. Zdravko Petanjek) Intro IV head, neck, teeth

Intro V cervical spine Case neck

Cranial parasympathetic system (scheme) Cranial nerve III (scheme)

Cranial nerve V (scheme) Cranial nerves V and VII

Cranial nerve XII (ansa cervicalis scheme)

Moždane ovojnice i prostori (dobrotom dr. Peter Reilich-a, LMU)

Skull gross anatomy Temporal bone

Cranial nerves mnemonics

Neuroscience 2nd year

Chemical senses - addition

Uvod u osjetne sustave (S1)

Slušni i vestibularni (S2)

Vidni sustav (S3)

Stanja svijesti (P22)

Bolesti ovisnosti (P23)

Mali mozak - dodatak (dr. Marko Čuljat)

old, but still useful educational material for students (unpack from MS-DOS command line in a new directory, say 'neur', and start program by typing C:\neur\tbook neuron)

Neurology 4th year

ppt for MSIE students "intro into F-nal neuroanatomy" 15th Apr 2013

palmomental reflex testing

palmomental reflex positive


Stress1 Stress2


Singing inside an MRI (link provided by dr. Mario Lušić)

Children learn what they live - a poem by Dorothy Law Nolte

Nice intro into the neuroeconomics (by Dante Monique Pirouz)

Distances (by NASA)

Movies on the brain (from Jacobson and Marcus)

Writing a scientific paper (from Vernon Booth)

Writing your doctoral dissertation (from R. S. Brause)

Great site for synaesthetes to start from (are you the one?)

Alien hand syndrome after callosotomy

Split brain with one half atheist and one half theist

The bystander effect

Split brain behavioral experiments intro More from Gazzaniga on Right Brain vs Left Brain


Amazing human capabilities

Bizarre Christmas musician

Unloading the bricks from the boat in Bangladesh

Brilliant Sun Tzu "The Art of War"


Epilepsy ppt

Poslijediplomski studij Klinička neurologija

Hipokampus i pamćenje tekst

Try it for yourselves: listen to low-frequency sounds (preferrably with your eyes closed) and see can you learn and remember better (feedback appreciated):

short version (2 min. 19 sec.) - download HERE

longer version (9 min. 9 sec.) - download HERE

Poslijediplomski studij Neurobiologija starenja

Aging intro


Journal of Comparative Neurology - Passages 2018


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